VeloToze shoe covers

Kit Review – VeloToze shoe covers

As a big fan of cycling kit and on-the-bike-style it’s easy to prick my interest when it comes to most items in the discerning cyclist’s wardrobe. Some bits of kit, however, always leave me cold. The helmet, for example: a very necessary item and something that most of us slip on pre-ride without so much…

torm logo

Torm cycling kit – small is beautiful

As a cyclist, if you’re anything like me you will often find yourself browsing the internet and mulling over which piece of cycling kit should be the next to find its way into your already bulging wardrobe. In these days of seemingly infinite choice, where online retailers cater for all tastes in material, style, colour,…

Image: cafe 7950 via Flickr cc

Coffee, cake, and a communal copy of Rouleur

It’s no secret that many cyclists appreciate a good cafe. It turns out that one of my local cafes appears to appreciate me too. In amongst the pretentious reading material about coffee, organic veg, and fashion, they’ve now snuck a copy of Rouleur magazine. It seems they are chasing the ‘cyclist dollar’, so to speak. Incidentally…

Cavendish, with composure intact
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We Could Be Heroes

As youngsters most of us attach ourselves to heroes, idols, role models, and other grown-ups who do things which are far more interesting than the things our parents do. As a young lad back in the 1980’s and 90’s I took the unassuming and diminutive England football international Peter Beardsley as my role model; as…

Weather perfection in the Scottish Borders

Breaking News: Midges found in Scotland!

You hear a lot of talk about the midges in Scotland; those small flying insects which gather in huge swarms, with the sole aim of snacking on humans. Tell your friends you’re planning a camping trip to the west of Scotland and they’ll say: “Oooh, look out for the midges.” Ask someone who’s just returned…

Bathed in a victory glow. Erm...not quite.
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The Battle of Birdy Brow

The climb of Birdy Brow sounds innocuous, or even cuddly. Any cyclist from Lancashire will tell you it’s anything but. The other morning I found myself, in time honoured fashion, preening around the house half-kitted out for a bike ride (bib-shorts, base layer – not yet committed to which jersey I’ll wear), and mulling over…

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Cycling in the sweet spot

I live in a world where family, cycling, and work compete head to head in a battle for my time and affections. Like many a cyclist, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon I have been known to utilise the wonders of flexi-time to sneak out of the office when no-one is looking, and head off for…

A Frenchman...wearing shades
(Image: Pymouss via Wikimedia CC)

A Frenchman is wearing my shades

I can’t be sure, and I have no proof, but I think a Frenchman might be wearing my shades. The very moment I took them off mid-way up the Col de Grosse Pierre – a lovely little climb in the Vosges Mountains in France – and stuffed them inelegantly into my jersey pocket, I thought…


Kit Review – Embers Merino, ‘Glow’ Jersey

Embers Merino ‘Glow’ short sleeved jersey – £95 Embers Merino are a self-styled ‘UK specialist in outdoor merino clothing’ based in Derbyshire, and a quick scan of their website certainly suggests they know their stuff when it comes to that most cyclist friendly wool. I couldn’t wait to give their ‘Glow’ mid-weight jersey a try.…

Mysterious country lane
(image: ragtimecyclist)

Beware! Aggressive Tarmac!

When it comes to cycling the lanes of north Lancashire, I like to think my local knowledge is up there with the best of ‘em. So imagine my surprise recently when, whilst out on one of my regular routes, I spotted a mysterious left turn down a country lane. When I say mysterious, it was…