Pumpkin on a Bike
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Pumpkin on a Bike

I generally take the view that a spot of eccentric behaviour from time to time is good for the spirit, and should be encouraged. Whatever you get up to in your own time is fine by me, and If you can entertain and amuse into the bargain then so much the better. And then credible rumours…

Geraint Thomas (right) with team-mate Ben Swift
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Welsh Cyclist (and busiest man) of the Year

I read with interest this week that Geraint Thomas has won Welsh Cyclist of the Year for 2015. When I say interest, what I mean is there’s a new cycling story in the press and in the absence of any actual racing during the winter I find myself reading it. That’s no slight on Geraint…

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The boy with the flame legged trousers

Even as a young boy I was prone to lustful thoughts about bikes. If you’re familiar with the phrase Raleigh Burner you’ll know what I’m talking about: “Raleigh” as in one of the UK’s most historic bicycle brands, and “Burner” as in flames down the side of the bike frame and, “whatcha riding there …is…

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Kit Review – Velobici ‘Franc’ Jersey

Velobici ‘Franc’ Jersey – £160 Velobici are a UK company based in Leicestershire. They are clearly proud of their ‘Made In The UK’ label, and one look at their website will tell you that this is serious, high-end cycling kit. Whilst beauty is always in the eye of the beholder I would happily predict that…

Hmmm, i can't help thinking this happened for a reason

A rake in the face!

Whilst out on a ride recently I found myself having an open conversation with my riding partner about all the times I’ve fallen off my bike. In terms of tempting fate, this topic of conversation is surely second only to discussing punctures. I may even have uttered the words: “thankfully, it’s a good three or…

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Laughing in the face of autumn

In shock autumn-related news I’ve already come to terms with riding in bad weather for another year. Before people chime in with that old quote about there being no such thing as ‘bad weather’ only ‘bad clothing’ let me stop you right there. I spend as much time as I can cycling. While it would…

Ok, that's not how it's done!
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Look mum no hands!

Don’t mistake me for being superficial: I know the difference between real stuff and trivial flim-flam. Real stuff is the 90 mile bike ride, the 3,000 metres of ascent, and the bent double in the wind and rain fixing a puncture 50 miles from home. Flim-flam, on the other hand, is the new merino wool…

It's that time of year again
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Lemon Soup For The Soul

Summer’s gone, and it’s that of year again. Before you roll your eyes this isn’t yet another article about the perils of cycling in bad weather. This is about what happens after you cycle in bad weather, particularly if you have to fit this in with long days at work, sleep interrupted by young children,…

Wiggo's hour
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What Would Wiggins Wear?

The 2015 pro-cycling season is over and there is no racing to talk about, which leaves a gaping chasm to fill in the cycling press. Of course there are the usual transfer rumours, stories about disc brakes and electronic group sets, the weekly cyclist v motorist debate, and grand announcements from Oleg Tinkoff about what…

Dark country lanes
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Dark side of the moo

As autumn kicks in and daylight decreases, we cyclists are left with a choice to make. We can follow the approach of legendary French cyclist and five-time Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault who simply propped his bike up in the garage, lived the good life for three or four months, and then killed himself…