Col du Bramont - just look at all that gravel!
(Imag: Ji-Elle via wikimedia cc)

Skittering on French Gravel

Along with headwinds, roundabouts, and poor quality coffee, gravel is the natural nemesis of us cyclists. To spot gravel on the apex of a downhill bend whilst travelling at 40 mph is akin to discovering the tea bag is still floating around in a half drunk cup of tea; not only is it surprising and…

Simon Yates. Or is it Adam...?
(Image: Marc via Flickr cc)

Tour de France 2015 – Week 1 Round-up

Following an eventful and incident packed first week of the Tour de France 2015, the cycling press has been in overdrive discussing the key moments of the race so far: Quintana and Nibali losing time against Chris Froome; a battle royale between Greipel and Cavendish on the sprint stages; the first black African to wear…

Tour de France 2015
(Image: Nuy via Wikimedia Commons

Tour de France Predictions 2015 (part 2)

Once the race reaches the mountains, as we watch the riders battling for the stage win we will find ourselves repeatedly wondering, “who’s that…it’s not is it?.. it’s Alejandro Valverde, how did he get there?” In his traditional role as swarthy pantomime villain he will be visible most of the time only as a sun-tanned…

Chris Froome

Tour de France Predictions 2015 (part 1)

Come the start of this year’s Tour de France in Utrecht, Holland, excitement levels for another three weeks of drama will be high. However, amongst the British TV broadcasters there will be a predictable and pre-prepared sense of mild disappointment slotted in amongst the hysteria. Whatever happens in the first three days of this year’s…

Food? Pah! I haven't got the time...
(Image: swamibu - Flickr CC)

Will we never eat food again?

There are plenty of cyclists who wouldn’t dream of spending good money on energy drinks, recovery powders, and electrolyte tablets, and would tell you wearily that post ride, you can get just about all the goodness you need from a pint of milk and a banana. They might have a point. However, the marketing men…

Alberto Contador struggling with the work-life-bike balance
(Image: filip bossuyt via Flickr CC)

How to master the work-life-bike balance

Most of us are aware of the complications brought on by the work-life balance – it’s a much used phrase these days. Add into the mix a minor obsession with all things bike related, and what you end up with is the work-life-bike balance or, to give it it’s full title, the work-life-bike-recover-rest-repeat balance. This is not…

isadore81 (1)

Isadore Apparel – Kit Review

When creating a new brand producing high quality premium cycling kit, I imagine it helps to have a well-respected name on board to give you that extra nudge into the market place. It’s fair to say that Slovakian company Isadore Apparel have that particular box ticked in the shape of Martin Velits: currently a pro…

Wiggins Wikimedia France and Wikimedia Commons

An hour with Bradley Wiggins (Sky Sports style)

June 7th 2015, and a nation’s cycling fans gathered around their TV sets to watch Bradley Wiggins attempt ‘The Hour’. (Also, apparently, known as #thehour, #myhour, #theperfecthour, and #manridingaroundatrackforanhour, depending on your social media platform of choice.) For those not familiar with ‘The Hour’, it’s not the tacky Saturday night TV celebrity game show that…

Sunny - this is what we're after
(Image: starshine_diva Flickr CC)

Set the weather-o-matic to ‘sunny’

I apologise in advance for writing, again, about the weather (which you could argue I’ve already covered in great depth), but it’s June and I’m still riding my bike wearing warm socks, knee warmers, and long sleeves. This makes me a little unhappy (in my own mind), which probably translates as monumentally grumpy (in the minds…