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Isadore Apparel – Kit Review

When creating a new brand producing high quality premium cycling kit, I imagine it helps to have a well-respected name on board to give you that extra nudge into the market place. It’s fair to say that Slovakian company Isadore Apparel have that particular box ticked in the shape of Martin Velits: currently a pro…

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An hour with Bradley Wiggins (Sky Sports style)

June 7th 2015, and a nation’s cycling fans gathered around their TV sets to watch Bradley Wiggins attempt ‘The Hour’. (Also, apparently, known as #thehour, #myhour, #theperfecthour, and #manridingaroundatrackforanhour, depending on your social media platform of choice.) For those not familiar with ‘The Hour’, it’s not the tacky Saturday night TV celebrity game show that…

Sunny - this is what we're after
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Set the weather-o-matic to ‘sunny’

I apologise in advance for writing, again, about the weather (which you could argue I’ve already covered in great depth), but it’s June and I’m still riding my bike wearing warm socks, knee warmers, and long sleeves. This makes me a little unhappy (in my own mind), which probably translates as monumentally grumpy (in the minds…

Cap de Formentor, Mallorca
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Riding with the ‘Real Deal’ in Mallorca

Whilst out riding in Mallorca recently (and yes, I’m currently wracking my brains as to how I can possibly get away with setting up a permanent early season home out there) I was struck, as I expected to be, by just how cyclist friendly the island is; great climbs, smooth tarmac, sunshine, bike hire, and…

Sir Bradley - lean
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It’s not easy being lean

Here’s the problem: To be a really good cyclist you’ve got to be lean. To get lean you’ve got to eat lean foods, and the really tasty foods are the ones with things like fat and sugar in them, which are not lean. In addition, neither is alcohol, which is not a food, but will…

Alejandro Valverde
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What would Alejandro Valverde do?

Anyone who knows anything about the sport of cycling will tell you what a tactical sport it is; it’s as much about deals, dodgy alliances, and cunning, as it is about pure physical prowess. There is always an etiquette or a subtext at play. What not everyone realises is that this extends into the realms…

Shiny Things
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Shiny things and shark-fin saddles

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I reckon those marketing men are on to me. As revealed in my recent post, we cyclists are apparently the most materialistic of all the exercise groups (which is a strange turn of phrase isn’t it…exercise groups?). I don’t know the background to this claim – whether it’s…

Artist's impression of a group of Lib Dem voters
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Lies, damned lies, statistics, and cyclists

Anyone with a passing interest in statistics, or Mark Twain, or even catchy one-liners for that matter, will have heard the phrase “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” The implication is that, in the right hands and directed at the right audience, statistics can be used to add weight to any old half-baked argument. This is…