Kit Review – Embers Merino, ‘Glow’ Jersey

Embers Merino ‘Glow’ short sleeved jersey – £95 Embers Merino are a self-styled ‘UK specialist in outdoor merino clothing’ based in Derbyshire, and a quick scan of their website certainly suggests they know their stuff when it comes to that most cyclist friendly wool. I couldn’t wait to give their ‘Glow’ mid-weight jersey a try.…

Mysterious country lane
(image: ragtimecyclist)

Beware! Aggressive Tarmac!

When it comes to cycling the lanes of north Lancashire, I like to think my local knowledge is up there with the best of ‘em. So imagine my surprise recently when, whilst out on one of my regular routes, I spotted a mysterious left turn down a country lane. When I say mysterious, it was…

Mark Cavendish at the 2015 Tour de France team presentations
(Image: Bert de Boer via Wikimedia cc)

Pro Cycling and the Premier League Rumour Mill

Living here in the UK, in late summer (and, to be honest, much of the rest of the year too) if you are any kind of sports fan it takes some serious effort to avoid the steady torrent of tabloid media nonsense that passes for the Premier League football transfer window. So we get lavish…

Cyclist's Cafe
(Image: Andreas Kambanis via Flickr cc)

Cloth ears and cafe stops

Up until about the age of 25 I was fairly convinced that I was destined to become if not a bona fide stadium filling rock star, then at the very least a curious left-field musician with a cult following and a small income. I was far from the only twenty-something living in Manchester and trying…

hardknott3 (geograph.co.uk)

Why ventilate, when you can hyperventilate?

As anyone familiar with the cycling press will be aware, it is awash with articles promising fantastic improvements in bike related performance; If you want to become faster on your bike, there are hundreds of journalists out there telling you exactly how to go about it. What does this tell us? It tells us that…

Froome in charge, with waggly elbows
(Image: Filip Bossuyt via Wikimedia cc)

Are you suffering from Tour de France withdrawal?

With the Tour de France of 2015 now just a memory, for many of us cycling fans a huge gaping chasm has been left behind which, if we’re not careful, it would be easy to fill with all manner of unsavoury activities; watching football, for example, or heavy drinking. After spending three weeks watching a…

Geraint Thomas in time-trial mode
(Image: denismenchov08 via wikimedia cc)

Tour de France 2015 – Alternative Week 3 Round-up

As if he wasn’t already grabbing the headlines, on Stage 16 Chris Froome’s Welsh wingman and all-round decent chap Geraint Thomas was clipped by an out of control Warren Barguil on the descent of the Col du Manse, and sent careering over a fence and head first into a telegraph pole. As all pro-cyclists know,…


Kit Review – Torm T1 Jersey

Torm T1 Jersey – £54 When choosing a cycling jersey there are all kinds of factors to consider – material, fit, style, practicality, performance – but first and foremost, expectation levels are based on your budget. So, if you’re splashing out on kit from one of the premium brands, and paying premium prices, you can…

JC Peraud in a spot of bother

Tour de France 2015 – Alternative Week 2 Round-up

Stage 10, the day after the first rest day, was the day Chris Froome won the 2015 Tour de France. Ok, that’s a bit premature, and a lot can happen yet…and it only takes one bad day…and he only has to suffer a crash or a mechanical at the wrong moment…etc. etc. But basically, most…

Vincenzo Nibali
(Image: Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick via Wikimedia cc)

I hate my boss (something is broken in his head)

It’s fair to say that having a low opinion of your boss at work is not unusual. Type ‘I hate my boss’ into Google and it throws out 44.7 million search results. That is a lot of people choosing to spend their time ranting and raving about injustice, perceived injustice, office politics, power games, mind…

Col du Bramont - just look at all that gravel!
(Imag: Ji-Elle via wikimedia cc)

Skittering on French Gravel

Along with headwinds, roundabouts, and poor quality coffee, gravel is the natural nemesis of us cyclists. To spot gravel on the apex of a downhill bend whilst travelling at 40 mph is akin to discovering the tea bag is still floating around in a half drunk cup of tea; not only is it surprising and…