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When is a cyclist not a cyclist

It’s a strange thing that those of us who like to ride a road bike have a tendency to refer to ourselves as cyclists. If you are a cyclist you might be thinking, “yep…and your point is?” If you are not a cyclist you might be thinking, “I know, pretentious bunch, face it Ragtime –…

Hung at fondling height

Interior design for cyclists

I’m no historian, but I would confidently suggest that for as long as we humans have had the ability to hang things on the wall, we’ve hung things on the wall. We do this for practical reasons, as a storage solution, or we do it to make the wall look nice. Sometimes we do it…

Dog v Bike

Dog v Bike

I was riding with a friend recently through the kind of winter conditions that cause us to either cower in submission or steel the brow and pedal hard. Recent flood-water had been topped up with overnight rain, and we were faced with not so much puddles as obstacles to be negotiated (if it has waves…


Testing positive for Haribo

While my body is by no means a temple, I do watch what I put into it. I don’t necessarily stop putting things into it, but when I’ve been a naughty boy I know I’ve been a naughty boy. I have spells when I eat too much cheese, drink too much wine, and occasionally clear…

Caleb Ewan (behind Jack Haig)
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Race winner Caleb Ewan

In recent months whenever talk has turned to pro-cycling (or, more accurately, I steer it towards the subject) I find myself talking about Caleb Ewan. I’m not being original by pointing out he’s a man with a bright future – plenty of people far more clued up than me have already brought this to the world’s attention – but…

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Ever since Christmas I have noticed a very specific change to my usual regimented and strictly controlled regime of cycling habits. This change came as a direct result of a pre-Christmas trip to the supermarket and the sudden dawning realisation that not all house guests want to drink alcohol. It’s not usually for me to…

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Weight watching with Wiggins

It is well known that when it comes to calorie intake, pro-cyclists are very much in the same boat as jockeys and boxers. Behaving obsessively and feeling hungry are just part of the job. Cast your mind back to photos of Bradley Wiggins during his Tour de France win of 2012. He started the race…

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Is it time to give up cycling?

It’s January 2016, and the New Year is upon us. The world is awash with people making the most of this clean slate by setting goals, trying to give things up, or resolutely sticking to their guns and carrying on with old habits regardless. As it happens I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of…


How to choose a cycling partner (part 3)

If, like me, you are a parent to young children, the generally straightforward process of selecting a riding partner immediately becomes fraught with complication. The thing about parenting (once you’ve got the contractual obligations out of the way and confirmed that it’s wonderful and life affirming and the reason for your very existence), is that…