pl1My name is Pete Linsley and I’m the sole author of Ragtime Cyclist. I also, implausibly, have another website which has nothing whatsoever to do with cycling (it’s called The Slingsta).

It’s fair to say I quite like cycling. I quite like it in the way I quite like oxygen, human contact, and having enough food to eat. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the essentials.

I can often be found thinking about, writing about, or actually cycling, to the exclusion of almost anything I can get away with excluding. You might think this sounds a bit boring and narrow minded, but far from it: I’m interested in just about any topic (as long as I can shoe-horn in a cycling reference and write a 500 word blog post on it).

I’m all ears.

When I write about pro-cycling it’s usually the stuff that might be happening off camera.

I am unlikely to write a stage-by-stage race report of next year’s Tour de France, but I can almost certainly squeeze out some (hopefully entertaining) words about Chris Froome’s fashion sense (limited), an Oleg Tinkoff rant (colourful), or Mark Cavendish’s use of the word ‘super’ every time he reveals his state of mind: super-happy, super disappointed, super-excited etc.

When I’m not writing about pro cycling I’ll be writing about the kind of real life cycling that many of us get up to two or three times a week if we’re lucky. So that means the weather, the roads, the excitement, the suffering, the mocking, the kit, the bikes, and the not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously-if-we-can-possibly-help-it.

Occasionally my wife, kids, and friends get a mention.

Sometimes they notice.

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Oh, and I also review kit. Often these are samples provided by the kit supplier which I don’t pay for. I thought it was important to be clear about that. I try to give an honest opinion of any kit I review. I always look for the positives but if a product has flaws I will point those out. It would be wrong not to.


  1. HI, thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts. If you check out the bottom of that post I think you might find something on cycling that you could reblog. I am an avid cyclist and ride nearly every day here in Chicago. Nice meeting you!


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